LAZY OBJECTS (ongoing)

In the exhibition lazy objects atelier axo displays elements of a conceptual study of furniture designs that embrace the importance of slowing down. The designs evolve around a typology of furniture that are normally associated with rest or laziness.

The exhibition includes Scarlett Daybed  (a place to take a nap); Otto Puff  (named after the office dog – a break for your feet) and Lazy Haley (a table where everyone can reach everything without too much effort) alongside scale models in 1:5 and the wall-mounted reliefs tavler. Each tavle refers to a furniture and holds the duality of both being an abstract signature piece as well as a technical drawing method.

Brigade gallery, Vesterbrogade 75



Photo credits:
Lazy Haley ø110×73 cm
Otto Puff 50×50×41 cm
Scarlett Daybed 200×80×41 cm
Oak veneer, clear oil, ‘Forest Nap’ by Kvadrat, ’Square Dance’ by Jim Thompson, plywood, aluminium, ’Lazy’ by Nevotex, oak, clear oil mdf, paint
Enok Holsegaard