atelier axo

Adélie boutique

2021, Guldbergsgade 20, 2200 København N

Adelié Boutique is a high end multibrand store located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

The boutique is placed a step down from ground level and consists of two rather small rooms with a window in each end. Our approach to this project was to make it as simple and clean as possible, while keeping it a warm place.

All furniture is special designed for this project to ensure the most useful utilisation of the space and make the products stand out. This includes a curved, two-layered counter, light blue shelves, a beauty product shelving unit, multiple steel racks and a steel shelving unit.

Typology:Interior design

Client:Adelié Boutique

Program:Fashion store


Area:30 m2

Status:Completed November, 2021

Photo credits:Enok Holsegaard