atelier axo


atelier axo x Lulu Kaalund (2021)

The three chairs reference classic chair designs, but their proportions have been stretched and escalated in a wat that makes their apperance almost naive. With Danish artist Lulu Kaalund’s cushions crocheted in her characteristic graphic patterns, the chairs pay homage to an old craftsmanship with a quirkiness that challenges and extends our notion of same.

The pieces are unique and the only three produced. Exhibited and for sale at Etage Projects as a part of the exhibition ‘HAVE A SEAT’, curated by Sebastian Ranhauge.

This collaboration was supported by Statens Kunstfond.

Typology:Furniture/art pieces


Dimensions:40x40x55,5 cm

Materials:Stained pine, wool and cotton

Location:Etage Projects

Photo credit:Etage Projects+atelier axo