atelier axo

Restaurant Bobe

atelier axo was commissioned to renovate and transform the old historic rooms in a beautiful listed building from 1731 into a new modern restaurant. In addition to the renovation, atelier axo has been responsible for interior design and custom-designed furniture for the restaurant.

In close collaboration with chef and restaurateur Bo Bech, atelier axo developed a lively and atmospheric restaurant in mainly muted colors and natural materials. We wanted to honor the architectural qualities of the rooms and at the same time bring a modern, understated expression into the old spaces.

All chairs are reused from a previous restaurant, but seating niches, waiter stations and tables are designed by atelier axo. With inspiration from the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen area, all our designs had a beautiful arch introduced as a detail. The types of wood used for the project are oak and elm, which provide a fine interplay of nuances and warmth to the old whitewashed wooden floor.

Typology:Renovation, interior & furniture design

Client:Bo Bech


Location:Gråbrødre torv 11

Area:700 m2

Status:Completed December, 2023

Photo credits:Peter Dalsgaard